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Energy Savings Contracts  

SGC is an active participant in the Energy Savings Installation business. We work closely with energy savings companies to structure unique proposals for corporate or government entities that will be the end user and beneficiary of an energy savings installation.

Our funding strategies ensure that payments made by the investment-grade rated beneficiary of the energy savings are always less than the projected energy savings and that payment occurs after the projected energy savings are realized. Our flexible repayment terms provide energy savings companies with the capital to deploy their systems and profits while offering their customers the installations and resulting savings while deferring the commencement of the payments virtually as long as both parties desire. This creates a never “out of pocket” and infinite rate of return scenario on the investment in the energy savings installation.

Sample Transaction : Energy savings – whereby $X million of equipment installed will save Plant a minimum in excess of $Y million on their utility cost per year over a useful equipment life of 10 years. SGC will fund Energy Installation Company an amount equal to $X million plus profit from us at closing while we take assignment of a 10 year annual payment in arrears of less than $Y million, an amount which was negotiated between Energy Installation Company and Plant in an operating and maintenance agreement. This allows the Plant (investment-grade rated Obligor) to upgrade their facilities today and begin realizing the savings with no out of pocket nor any diversion of allocated capital budget dollars and receive an “infinite rate of return” on their investment as the energy savings will always be greater than the annual payment.

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