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Structured Growth Capital (“SGC”) is a leading financier in a highly specialized area of corporate finance known as Monetization Financing. Our unmatched ability to tap deep reservoirs of institutional capital enables us to monetize transactions for our clients efficiently, effectively and inexpensively. We uniquely facilitate transactions in a broad array of industries and offer many significant structural advantages over traditional financing. Completed through an efficient streamlined private placement, Monetization Financing can provide funding of $5MM or more within 30 days.

Simply stated we offer the best financing package available to small and medium sized companies - low interest rates, require no equity, board seats, covenants, or oversight and done in a quick and efficient manner. What is needed is for the Borrower to have an excellent relationship and/or offer a much desired solution to an investment-grade rated entity, such as a large corporation, school district, college/university, and local/state/federal government. We are able to fund those entities in need of capital today by taking assignment of long-term unconditional future payment obligations which these entities have or could obtain from an investment-grade rated entity.

SGC, in partnership with NDH Capital Corporation exclusively offers businesses access to capital via its unique financing structure which is the result of relationships built over 15+ years and having successfully transacted over 300 financings in excess of $3 billion. A list of successfully closed financing transactions is available upon request.

SGC has offices in Jenkintown, PA, Purchase NY and Seoul, Korea.

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